Book Recommendations

Looking for your next great read? Check out these book-centered social networking sites. Social networking with books! Sign up for a free account and connect with millions of other enthusiastic readers. 

Book Movement: Looking for a good book club book or looking to join a book club? Sign up for a free account and connect with other book clubs and enjoy books that have been enjoyed by real book clubs around the world. 

The Nook Blog: Even if you don't own a Barnes & Noble Nook, you still can find out what others are reading. Don't forget to stop by every Friday for FREE FRIDAYS!

Still can't decide? Here are some blogs that may help you find your next great read! 

A Book and a Hug: This site is PERFECT for children's book ideas! Love chick lit? Check this comprehensive blog that is dedicated to the female interest. 

GalleyCat: This site will allow you to be on the cutting edge of literature as well as the news about books that are being published!

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